Supervision: Zuzana Tlášková,
lecturer in topics relating to anti-Semitism and the Shoah

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implementation of preparation workshops:
The Holocaust in Documents
Five working groups have the task of analyzing five documents – each from different stages of the Holocaust: labeling/ categories of people, expatriation, deportation, concentration, liquidation.
Reflections - Perpetrators, Victims, Rescuers and Others Is it possible to clearly differentiate between these groups? The answer should be found by viewing a selection of photographs and hearing the stories of individuals who lived at the time of the Holocaust.
Hana´s Suitcase – a newly established interactive programme for elementary and high schools, based on work involving Karen Levinová’s book Hanin kufřík / Hana’s Suitcase (published by Portál in association with the Jewish Museum in Prague, 2003). On the basis of their own document searches and subsequent discussions with Holocaust survivors, participants of the programme should become acquainted with the fates relating to individual persons from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and from Slovakia during the Second World War. One of the outcomes of the programme is the participants’ separate project work in which, on the basis of the facts discovered and using their own imagination, they try to describe the personal stories of specific individuals.

Methodology and coordination: Marta Vančurová,

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- initiator of the project in 1999
(coordination and building of the project as a coworker of Education and Culture Center of the JMP 1997-2004, founder of the NGO Forgotten Ones in 2002 with a goal to support of the Neighbours Who Disappeared project (now working for this association),
- author of motivation materials for the project Neighbours Who Disappeared
- facilitator, consultant and coordinator for individual school projects

about the project
“Neighbours Who Disappeared” Project
(started in 1999 under the auspices of the Office of the president Vaclav Havel)

The Education and Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum in Prague (ECC JMP) in collaboration with its project partner Forgotten NGO, with a support of the Terezín Memorial, Hidden Child, Czech Federation of Jewish Communities, invite anyone interested to participate in a unique project called “Neighbours Who Disappeared”. This project is a social phenomenon of the Czech Republic. In the light of strong assimilation of the Jewish population till 1939 and following radical change and in the shade of the period 1945-1989, which did not care of the gradual devastation of historic sights and religious life, the path on vanishing traces of local Jewish settlement might for young people become a find of special context. The goal of the project is to offer the students aged 12 – 18 new questions on the basis of first-hand information within a certain lokality and a period of World War II. . These questions are regarding the fate of people who were part of life in Czech and Moravian municipalities and who suddenly disappeared from the close neighborhoods of past generations.

The survey of the project development: The first collection was published in October 2000. The authors of the contributions were appraised at Prague Castle by former president Vaclav Havel.The first film was shown on Czech Television (ČT1) in 2001. On the basis of shooting the film an exhibition of the students’ works is proposed. Due to interest and demand, six versions of this exhibition are created and they become part of international workshops Holocaust in Education in Terezin and other conferences and important events Twelve boards of the exhibition started a tour in Prague where the exhibition was opened in the Valdstejn Palace in June 2000 under the auspices of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.Together with complementary methodical material the exhibition become a part of a long-term, non-profit-making educational project. Beyond the expectations of its authors, the project has become the motivation to deal with further author long-term projects on the position of an individual in an extreme situation, the period of World War II and reflections on these events from the standpoint of young people today etc. In June 2004 new participants in the project were appraised at an international meeting by Debora Lipstadt, Arnošt Lustig and Leo Pavlát, director of the Jewish Museum in Prague and in June 2005 a new stage of the Project called A Tribute to Child Holcaust Victims was officially pronounced.. The guarantors of the project are Arnošt Lustig and Zdeněk Zboril (Institute of Political Science of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University, Prague).

The Neighbours Who Disappeared project is enabled thanks to special condition of a Czech history before War Word II. and 50 years after, cemeteries and synagogues abandoned or hidden until today’s, schools with a need to build their own identity destroyed in a past, a need of a building of a new school system and rules, the seminars How to teach about Holocaust and thanks to the close cooperation between Education and Culture Center of the Jewish Museum in Prague – Terezin Memorial – Czech Teachers – Czech Students – Jewish Communities and Czech NGOs.

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