Contact address: Marta Vančurová, Krohova 60, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Address: Jáchymova 3, 110 00 Praha 1, CzechRepublic

Based in 2002 in accordance and under the agreement with the Jewish Musem in Prague by an initiator of the project Neighbours Who Disappeared Marta Vancurova (member of the Prague Jewish community and the employee of the ECC JMP 1997-2004) to support development of the project.

BIN: 26551985
number of account: 172 506 905/0600

The Forgotten Ones Citizens' Association is an independent citizen's organization established with the main objective to support alternative educational activities of Czech schools and intermediate cooperation among Czech children and the public with people who survived the holocaust and/or were persecuted in 1945 - 1989.
The objective of the organization is to support the activities of Czech children and children abroad with the efforts of those who survived to present their historical experience to the youngest generation.
The organization shall conduct the activities specified above by supporting the communication among various projects with the common objective pursued by various associations, groups or individuals (support of the renewal of Jewish communities in regions, together with the activities of young people held within project education, etc.)

Contact address: Marta Vančurová, Krohova 60, 160 00 Praha 6, tel. : 603 147 074

Statutory representatives:

Name, title, position: PhD. Zdeněk Zbořil, Chairman

Name, title, position: Mgr. Marta Vančurová, Deputy of Chairman
coordinator and contact person
Telefon: 603 147 074

Name, position: Jiří Hausner, Executive director
Telefon: 603 82 68 47